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we strongly believe in professional and modern approach!

Mbambo Consulting Firm commonly known as MCF, was built upon 16 years experience in vague fields.

MCF is a leading digital marketing firm AND MORE , that works with clients nationwide and across borders (Eswatini & Mozambique), MCF combines progressive, data-driven thinking with in-depth knowledge garnered from our many years’ experience within the digital marketing space. Which translates to outstanding, meaningful and measurable results for our clients. We are a modern and professional consultation firm.


More about Mbambo Consulting Firm(MCF) and its dedicated officials.

MCF was established by Andy Sthando Mbambo. Mr Mbambo started his business endeavors   in his teen days (2006).He established  his first business in computer repairs  and consultation business (A5 Computers) in two townships called Kanyamazane and Tekwane South 15 kilometers away from Mpumalanga’s capital city Nelspruit now called Mbombela. 

A5 computers was a success,  praised by local business people and general individuals   since then Mr Mbambo never looked back ,He then converted the business to  be a full  technology company called Mbambo Technologies years passed by and gained tremendous experience at a young age ,After Matric he pursued studies  in Computer Science at Herriot-Watt University through CTI education group (Pearson Higher Education) .A year later He left the computer science degree course to focus and fulfill his burning desire in business.

Few years later not in organised  knowledge (education) ,He then enrolled in  two International (Europe) professional diplomas in Financial Markets trading/Investments and Professional diploma in digital Marketing each diploma  accredited by the Edinburgh Napier University with European Qualification Framework (EQF 6)  equivalent to National Qualification Framework (NQF 7) in South Africa  now with NQF 6 & NQF 7  recognised merits and vast business  experience he  joint ventured some of his businesses to be Mbambo Consulting, with over a decade plus  business experience, two international merits AND other national recognition merits  he was accepted to enroll in Master of business administration at Management College of South Africa (Mancosa)  through Recognised Learning Programme (RPL) ,on a mission to accomplish  a Doctorate in business administration (Dr Andy Sthando Mbambo)*.

Mbambo Consulting  Firm (MCF) has other highly qualified individuals who boast enormous wisdom, skills ,talents  and knowledge .Our professional and modern consulting firm’s solutions, advice  and results are based on proven records of rich vast knowledge from different individuals within our firm team and other external non executives  directors/specialists.

*Not Yet Dr Andy Sthando Mbambo.

Executive Team

“Expert advice ,Always”

Founder/Senior Consultant

Andy Sthando Mbambo

Oversee and analyse   overall tasks and projects of the  4 key core  business  consultation services business administration ,digital marketing ICT Audit and Financial Markets.

Budget/Financial Manager

Harmony Siwela

Distribute the financial resources of  Mbambo Consulting Firm(MCF), also responsible for the budget planning, and supports the executive management team by offering insights and financial advice that will allow them to make the best business decisions for MCF.


Calvin Van Wyk

Responsible for all levels to better MCF technology systems by  designing ,Planning   and execution  of modern technologies to clients and MCF. 


Fortunate Banda

leverage MCF key consultation and expertise of technical knowledge to help our clients improve business/individual processes, executive strategies and organizational designs.Engages all levels of clients and other executive team  to understand capabilities, problems and previously unsuccessful solutions.

"The word TOMORROW is more dangerous than tuberculosis start TODAY"-Andy Sthando Mbambo